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Glad I made the move

Jun 13, 2015 - 0 comments

The move to Reno was very difficult. Nothing went right even though we thought of every contingency but things just went south for us many times but finally we are here!!!!!
I love the change of seasons and the scenery. I get around with my scooter (from the VA) but there is not much in the way of places I like to go just yet. I am not into casino's (been there, done that) and still looking for a nice place to eat locally but nothing close by.
Medically speaking, I am still waiting to get fully diagnosed and treated here. They have a different system here that I am trying to get used to. Hip pain acting up again and I have to see a neurologist and than another doctor to get it treated like I din in CA. Much different system here!
Less stress, beautiful atmosphere, and VERY FRIENDLY people.
Takes a little adjustment but I will adjust! Glad I made the move.

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