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Whats the point

Jan 24, 2010 - 2 comments








I go to work i go out it just doesnt end. I need to get help. One day of work brings me undone and i fall apart.

I know how this sounds the same stupid ********. The same problems the same stupid complants. But for me it doesn't end once i stop reading this like you. Although its stupid that doesnt change anything. I still feel like a failure and am afraid.

I'm not giving up i just dont know what to do. I guess im going to try to call the clinic tomarrow see if they have someone and see if i can see them. I'll try for insurance once more.

nothing more to say i guess this is my journal that is that.

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by fuzzypeach27, Jan 24, 2010
Hi Cloudy

I read your journal. I was diagnosed with depression some time ago. I would hear stuff to. Are you on any medication. Like a antidepressant. I tried for years to talk about my **** but it never improved my depression. Its a chemical unbalance in your brain antidepressants reset the balance.

Do you feel bad about yourself. I know you are shy and find it hard to talk to folk face to face. Your an artist so you have a creative mind. You have low self a steam. Has something happened that make you think you are not strong and makes you shy. A million people could tell you your amazing. But I don't think that you would accept our compliments.

Why do you think you are a failure and what are you scared off. Never give up cloudy baby.

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by Cloudwindgate, Jan 24, 2010
ty for your comment message sent as reply

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