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Finally decided to get off my butt..

Jan 24, 2010 - 0 comments






Well it has taken years of my mother nagging, and me getting bigger and bigger for me to actually do something. Here i am 18 and fat. It's about time that i get off my butt and i do something about it. Today i decided once and for all to get healthy and to start being more active and to lose the weight that i have been slowly putting on throughout my life so far. This isn't going to be easy considering i am at university and must survive off of caf food until my goal end date. If anyone has any ideas of things that can be eaten at a uni caf that won't kill you with one bite, let me know. But thats all for now because its more or less better for me to get up and exercise instead of writing on here.
Goodluck to all on your weightloss journeys!

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