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Jan 25, 2010 - 1 comments




01 10  letter to medhelp about Dr. B
I put it in this journal because it was a most distressing dr visit and I still get very depressed over it.  (today is Jan 25-2010

My previous neuro (#2) coldly dismissed me and thought I should get another opinion.  I had gone to him to see if I had trigeminal neuralgia.  (I didn't).  At my first visit he seemed to care about me and thought I might be part of the small percentage of people who do not show up on MRI's with MS because of my family history (mother & sister with MS) He put me on Copaxone because he thought I had Possible MS.  

On my third visit he was extrodinarily rude.  He was almost yelling.  He marched into the room and told me that I do not have MS and that I was wasting my time coming to him.  And then told me that I was wasting good medicine that could be going to other people.  Stun!  (I really don't think Teva will run out of Copaxone)

He never asked me how I was doing since the last visit 2 months ago..didn't seem to care.  Then told me, as he was rolling his eyes to the ceiling, that I could get a 2nd opinion with an MS expert who was joining the practice.
I was really sick when I went to see him.  I could hardly respond.

My gut told me to run from this whole group.  I went anyway, last week.  It has taken me days to come down from the nightmare.  Sorry this is a long vent.

She, (neuro #3) began by asking me to tell her what had happened over the last few years.  I told her that two weeks ago I had fallen and gone to the ER and had Post concussion syndrome.  I thought my memory was bad before, but it is bizarrely worse right now.  She didn't bat an eye or even acknowledge what I told her.

I fell because my right leg just didn't do it's job.

I asked her if she had seen my records from the other neuro.  She said she had, but wanted me to put it in my own words

She just kept asking me specific questions in detail and I could get some of it in order and couldn't do much after that.  (she was obviously annoyed with me) I have timelines that she says she had read.  My husband filled in a lot of details for her.  I was so confused and could sense where this was all going and totally fell apart. She just sat there like a frozen statue.  There was a box of kleenex right next to her and she never offered me one.

She kept at the questions and I had to tell her again that I was having severe cognitive problems and my husband would have to answer...I felt like I was in a torture chamber.  

I need feedback on what she told me.  She has just been certified in MS/Neurology.

She told me:

1. that I was too old to have relapsing remitting MS and that everyone over 60 only gets progressive MS.
   (has anyone heard this?) interesting article from Spain  


2. I don't have progressive MS because I'm not debilitated enough

3. Copaxone should have done nothing for me (as I am too old for relapsing remitting MS)
    (I've been on Copaxone since August.  After about 2 months I did feel better.  I had symptoms but they were not
     terrible.  I even stopped using my cane.)

4. Sensitivity to heat and humidity is not considered (by their office) as a marker for MS
    (well, it isn't when it's looked at by itself, but in combination with all my other symptoms...Huh?)

5. She told me that I had lesions on the MRI but they did not meet the McDonald criteria.  She didn't know what they
    were, but were probably due to age

6. She told me that I just didn't have a good enough story to convince her that I had MS.  (how could I do that after
    whacking my head...I wanted to scream at her.)

7. That only 4% of the people who have MS symptoms and who don't meet the McDonald criteria-actually have it.
    (I couldn't be part of that group?)

I told her that I had been tested for the mimics of MS and all tests and others as well came back negative.  I also told her that I was not making this up and did not have conversion disorder and that I had no deep seated need to have MS.  Because of my family history, I just wanted to rule it out and so far that no neurologist has given me a good explanation as to why it was not MS.  I was really PO'd.  

I don't know what to do at this point.  I am getting a walker because my balance is terrible.  I've almost fallen several times since two weeks ago.

My husband helped me put this together as sometimes I find myself talking ragtime.  Scary to be me right now.  My regular doc says it may take months to improve from the fall.

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by momscrazyworld, Feb 14, 2010
Wow! The lack of compassion of some doctors. I'm so sorry you were treated that way and I understand. My doc. treated me in a similar fashion. After an additional appt. with him, I canceled any further ones. I had been seeing him since my dx in 2-08. His dismissive attitude and him telling me how I should feel was the all I could think about after that appt. I stopped my Copaxone, maybe not the smartest thing, but I'm just done.

Talked to hubby last night about progression timeline and figured out I have had an full-blown exacerbation every sic months since dx. I'm not sure of my next step bc right now no doc and need round of steroids.

I hope you feeling ok today. Happy Valentine's Day.


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