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No Baby 4 me;-((((

Jan 26, 2010 - 6 comments

I went to see the RE today at 9:15am. First let me say this...cause IDK if I've ever said this on medhelp. I was told at 17 or 18 that I was going through menopause...Yes you heard me correctly at that early age in my life. I dont have cycles and since I've waited to I'm 33 years old to decide to get on the wagon...I've waited to late. I already knew this...some what. Cause Ive been experiencing these symtpoms of menopause in my early 20's. I'm not mad at no-one but myself and glad that me and DB already talked about it...cause he was the 1st BF that I've talked about my situation to cause I dont want us to be 10 years in the relationship/marriage and he start's wandering my I'm not pregnant...I just wanted to be upfront with him..cause I love him (at I got more blood work done today and got to go to get more test done. I got checked for PCOS....Im good..but they really could not find my ovaries. (so small...almost dont have any) When I left the RE...I was a little confused....He discuss with me...1 option...that involves someone's else embryo (sperm and seed) I really cant remember in detail what he said...Im going to get more info...IM SO CONFUSED!!!! PLUS He put me on Pre-natal Multivitamin 400....for about 9 months...I really dont know why Im on pre-natal...But if he wants me to be on them..OH WELL!!!!! My boyfriend has to go and do an semen analysis ASAP....and Im wondering why he has to go and do that???? Well let me get back with this journal...Im moving to another office/desk today and they want me to get ready.

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by LIL_LADY24, Jan 26, 2010
Gurllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll   I didnt not know bout the menopause they know why it happened to you so soon?  So the only option for you is to use someone elses put your egg and his sperm in somone's uterus?  Well did you get all those questions answered?  Anything Else..............I really thought you were gonna have some good news for me!!!!!!!!  Im so sorry and Only God has the final say so, so keep your head up  and speak only positive things over your body!

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by bluebaby1976, Jan 26, 2010
Yes Ma'am...I got half of the answered before I saw the what I took from what he said was like.. Couples that already paided for IVF that have had kids and still have embryo's that they dont want to destroy...He said it was $10k less and government funded;-))) IDK all the this point cause I got test to do and DB. Im a little confused as to why I got 9 mos prescription of pre-natal vitamins????

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by wymzikal, Jan 26, 2010
Well, bb, I am so sad to read your journal today. It sounds like you had a terrible morning.... Though it really wasn't what you were hoping for... (and its probably too soon for me to be bringing up positive sides.... ) it sounds like you still have some options though, which could end up working out nice. I can't know for sure what your doctor had in mind with the semen analysis and the prenatals.... but I would guess that he/she wants you to get your body ready with the prenatals (which you need to take BEFORE you get pregnant, as well as during a pregnancy) and maybe they want the semen analysis to see how your DB's sperm is looking in case you want to use someone else's egg and his sperm.

Usually checking the guys sperm comes very early on in the fertility exploration.

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by TRENIECE, Jan 27, 2010
Hey lady. I'm sorry to hear that but it does sound like there are options for you. I would say they want to analyze your boyfriend's sperm to see if maybe he is fertile as well and if you could possibly use his? That's my unprofessional guess. A child will be in your future soon.

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by Kricket212, Feb 15, 2010
You can use the donated embryo's or another option is using donated eggs with your husbands sperm so this way it would be half his child.  If you get the donated embroys it won't be biologially either of yours.  Either way though you would still carry that baby & it would be yours.
I think you need to be on prenatal as the first step in getting your body ready for the transfer.  You have to be healty to carry.  It's all good & sending you lots of wishes.

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by adgal, Feb 15, 2010
I'm so sorry you got difficult news.  I can only imagine how hard this is for you.  I know a little about embryo adoption as it was something I considered at one point myself.  I also know at least 2 women that used egg donation, and had great success with it.  The reason your RE wants you on prenatals is that if you decide to do embryo adoption, or egg dontation, you will still carry that baby and so it's important you have a good folic acid level, etc.  Once the embryo is implanted, you would be exactly the same as any other pregnant women and have all the experiences a pregnant women would have.  In my opinion, it is a wonderful solution.  The women I know who had their babies this way feel no differently then if the babies had been conceived with their own eggs.  You carry the baby, nurture it, etc.  It is 100% your child.  I wish you well in your decision and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  Good luck.  

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