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Jan 26, 2010 - 5 comments







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Today I got my blood test results, and I am so frustrated.  My TSH levels went UP !!!  This is after 3 months of being on .075, and it won't go down!  I've been fighting for 7 months to get it down from 16.  At first it did go down, to 13.  Then up to 13.44, and now to 14.07.  I know this isn't a lot, but even the doctor is confused of why its not going lower....  I cant wait until Feb.1st. get to finally  see an endo, see what is going on.

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by ChitChatNine, Jan 26, 2010

Just wanted to drop by and say hi and please let us know how your Endo appt goes.  I am so sorry you aren't feeling well still on the meds and that the .075 isn't doing the trick.  May I ask if there's a reason your Dr isn't prescribing a higher dosage?  Or, might it be because of side effects.

co-cl thyroid
Synthroid 75 mcgs TSH aprox 2.4
partial thyroidectomy 1/07

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by LauriewithMAD, Jan 27, 2010
Thanks for your reply...and your concern!  Always need a friend :)

I am actually allergic to synthroid...  one in millions, and of course it would be me.  It starts with hives, big ugly ones on my body, and small rash like hives on my neck and face.  Within a few weeks I get 'onset' insomnia, then mid sleep, then full blown.  Some nights I get NO sleep whatsoever.  I get wild mood swings, where I am so angry and full of rage.  I get majorly depressed, and cry a lot, or just on the verge of tears....My body starts to hurt so bad, that it hurts to sit, stand or lay down, Fibromyalgia kicking up a war!  
Being allergic to synthroid, I had to take allergy meds, to keep the hives at bay, but does nothing for the other crap I have to deal with.  I have tried other thyroid meds, including dessicated thyroid, but the same reaction occurs.
Within a couple weeks of being off Synthroid, I can feel the weight being taken off my shoulders.  I dont feel as angry and hostile, and I can finally get a good nights sleep.  Well for me anyway!!!  LOL  The depression starts to lift, but I end up on anti-depressants to help me. (I hate staying on prescription drugs).... except if absolutely necessary.....  like the Cyclobenzaprine, (gotta love them!!  I call them my happy pills)...and the Ventolin....

I have been on this Thyroid Rollercoaster for 12 years, never being in a normal range for TSH.  When I was first diagnosed, My TSH was 127.7  ....  Thats the highest I can remember, so its been a hellish ride, one that hasnt stopped ever.  I hate rollercoasters, I get motion sickness so bad.  (thats why I call it Thyroid Rollercoaster  HAHAHAHA

I am one of those people who has really crappy luck.  I've been one in millions with allergic reactions to medications, like Theodur (for asthma), and Symbicort (for asthma)
Aspirin would help me in so many ways, If I wasnt ALLERGIC to it.  It would help with the goiter, my heart, the aches.....
you get the picture....

Sorry for venting, I'm just so frustrated.  Think I'll go to bed....   Im tired

5 days to the Endo appt.  Cant wait.

Talk to you soon
Thanks again

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by hope34601, Jan 27, 2010
Have you tried "Pink Sea Salt". Last month my tests turned out the same way, a friend told me to try the Pink Sea Salt even if I had to lick it off my palm each morning (I don't eat salt). Pink Sea Salt is pink because of the minerals in it, it also does NOT effect your blood pressure like whit salt. Salt stimulates your thryoid. My mother, brother and sisters all are on thryoid meds for a long time, if I can't find a way to control mine, I may be next on meds, but not yet. Since taking the Pink (and it must be PINK) I have also started loosing weight. It's only been two months for me on this condition, the improvement may also be the combination of the sea salt and the other product I take that helps to repair damaged cells.
I wish you the best.

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by LauriewithMAD, Jan 27, 2010
I have never heard of 'Pink Sea Salt"  but I'm definately going to go look for it, probably start in a health food store.  Thanks for the advice!!
I wish you all the best too,


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by hope34601, Jan 27, 2010
Yes it is available in a health food store, but not GNC.

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