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Meeting with Neurosurgeon

Jan 26, 2010 - 0 comments



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Pain management

Met with really good neurosurgeon in my area to see if there was anything going on in my spine that could be fixed to relieve pain and numbness in my legs and arms.

He basically reviewed my file sent over from my Neuro and reviewed all my MRIs and said No, there was nothing going on that he could fix. The pain and numbness, stiffness and spasticity are all due to the brain and spinal cord lesions, consistent with MS. He did spend time with me and did a pretty thorough physical test as well.

So this is good new and bad news. Basically good I think so  I am free to exercise without fear of damaging my spine. Yay! That I can live with. Bad news, nothing is fixable. Oh well, it helped me accept the whole MS thing a little more and I do feel relieved in a way.

Next step is the pain management place. The Neurosurgeon will refer me onto a good pain guy in our area, one who will not do unnecessary stuff just to get money! I appreciate that kind of honestly and try to find Docs that are ethical and consider the patient more than their bank account!

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