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My Bestie

Jan 27, 2010 - 2 comments

Today my best friend woke up to her 18th month clean....all in a row, nights and weekends, and holidays, even!
I have seen her flourish, fly and get knocked down only to rise again stronger. I have seen her tears, her laughter her struggles. I have seen her SOAR through pain like NOBODY'S business. I aspire to be like her when I grow up. I pray God keeps her near me so that I may use her as a mirror.

I have been blessed to have her as my best friend, confidant, kindred spirit, and soul mate. We have been through more than most friendships could withstand, and have always come out on the other side where we left off. We build on a foundation that is recovery oriented, spiritually guided, and full of the best kind of love~ the selfless kind.

She will be picking up a tag tonight at the meeting, and I am honored that I get to be there for this one. I was "out there" when she picked up the other six~ She grew, I faltered. She spread her wings, I hid behind mine, yet here we are... together, hand in hand on a journey that will prove to be our most significant.

I do not regret missing the other milestones for it took what it took for me to see the light. She has no regret either. I love her completely for WHO SHE WAS and WHO SHE IS and certainly WHO SHE IS TO BECOME, just as she loves me in spite of me. I will be there for the next tags, and I will be present in every way.

She is my rock, my mentor, and my first true love. For anyone who DOESNT get that, I hope one day you do. It is one of the finest miracles, and best gifts God could give....

I love you Steeny, and I am so very HONORED to be called YOUR best friend....


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by LivingPresent, Jan 28, 2010
Friendships like yours are rare indeed. The ability to go through hard times together, forgive your pasts, and move forward with love, compasion, and respect, is not something seen in most. I aspire to have that kind of closeness with people in my life and with myself one day. Maybe the beauty of your friendship could be captured on canvas? - Capt O

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by steeny927, Jan 28, 2010
=]  I love you too!  Watching you grow has been an honor as well.  You grow girl!!!!!!!!

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