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SPOOKED....big time!!!

Jan 27, 2010 - 3 comments








Tomorrow morning I go for a Neuclear Heart Stress Test...  and I am sooooooooo terrified...not of the test itself, but of the results.  Everytime I go for tests, I always get awful results.  Now that its involving the heart, It spooks me.
I am driving myself nuts, always thinking the worst.  I always tell my friends to think positive....but everytime I think Positive...  the test results come back Positive.   I know I'm a rambling goof right now, but my thoughts are so scattered.
I've got meself in such a state of anxiety right now...  its causing my throat to hurt, that stupid globus whatchamacallit.   Cant think straight.
And to think I have to wait until the 25th of February to get the results.
But I'm spooked that they are gonna find somethin wrong tomorrow.  Oh gosh.
Another night of no sleeping.
I hate when I work meself up like this.  Drives me nuts nuts NUTS....
I just want to have a normal life, not this crappy health I deal with every single minute.
I need a vacation....  get away from it all...  if only I could leave the health woes behind...  if only

ok, gonna log off, try to occupy my mind, read a book. stare at the ceiling.  
Goodnight to all

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1066198 tn?1333309028
by psyvamp, Jan 30, 2010
hope your test went well... hope you are not too stressed....

248632 tn?1365303630
by pvc lady in ec, Feb 05, 2010
Sure know how you feel. PVC's are just so annoying. Hang in there....the nuclear stress test is not that bad.  I'm sure all will be fine for you.

Best for the weekend.

PVC Lady in EC

1168110 tn?1272682317
by LauriewithMAD, Feb 06, 2010
Thanx PVC lady in ec
I flew through the test okay, or should I say walked (On the  The test was done quite quickly, since my HR was already at 105 to start with.  Instead of a 3 hour test, I did it all within 1hr 20 min, including the scan.  
Now I have to wait until the 25th to get the results.
Keepin me fingers crossed until then...
big hug to ya!

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