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01-28-10 Heart Rate

Jan 28, 2010 - 0 comments

pulse rate

No idea what my pulse rate was prier to my heart attack, I guess ignorance is bliss after all ;-)   The angiography report says my starting heart rarte was 58bpm and after my bypass surgery while still hooked up to the mechinery every coupld hours my HR was a steady 77bpm.  So, I kept that 77 in mind when I went home.  While home and being super sensitive to everything I noticed my HR started dropping.  When it dropped to 69 I was terrified, then 65, and all the way to 60.  As it dropped further as time went on I started to think there is a real problem.  And lately it has dropped to the low 50's... The night before last after getting in bed and relaxing a couple minutes my HR was 47bpm.  I do check it often, three or four times a day plus in the early morning and at night and it's in the low 60's high 50's but every now and then I'll read a record low HR.  I believe it wont be long before that record low reaches the 30's... maybe another two months(?).

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