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lump on breast

Jan 28, 2010 - 0 comments

today i went to see my doctor for my yearly pap and found a lump in my left breast which it is very small thinkin it may be just my lymph nodes or she said it may be tumor but not the cancer type she cant be exact what it is with out test done on it it feel sore to me i go monday to get ultrasound on it but she recaminded that i get a byoppsey done to make sure!! im so scared right now and prolly well be tell monday morning i just hope it is not cancer i have no family history of cancer but anything can happen i honestly think it dont have to run in the family to get it i dont know why people still believe... that this has been the most shity as month since last year wasnt even good besides having my son in july im so freaking out about this but i just got to let life take its course if it turns out to be than i well try my hardest to fight this nasty disease nothing is ever for certain since november of last year 6 people that i knew died from cancer i just pray that im not the next one to go!!!

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