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Feeling Better

Jul 04, 2008 - 0 comments

Well today and the last fews days I have been feeling alot better. I had a good talk with Dylan and he made me feel great. Well you never know how long that would last but I hope it doesnt change. I love him so much. I just guess I feel even more down about everything because of my pregnancy hormones kicking in. He is working alot right now which I am so happy about, I feel like he wants to start to come home to me more often and I felt like cooking for us more that I have :) Usual we are eating different things at different times at dinner when I think it should be a time for family to sit down. Well I mailed out my baby shower invitations today I am so excited for that cant wait to get spoiled LOL. Dylan is helping with the plans, we are also having it at his moms house, I am having another one from my family but just dont know when because its going to be a surprise, this one is for all my friends and Dylans family. I just moved to toronto less than 2 years ago so I am excited to see all my old friends come together and see me at my baby shower. I also found out yesturday I am having a girl!! So happy about that!!

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