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Long term Klonopin use

Jul 05, 2008 - 0 comments

Hi I'm a 45 year old male with a history of  drug use alcoholism depression and anxiety.
6 years ago i was diagnosed with diabetes and stooped drinking beer, as my diabetes was under control (and now is 'gone' due to weight loss) on weekend i drank 5 large bottles of wine. The following Monday I noticed i was shaking inside.which ive never experienced before. so i went to my Dr. and they put me on .25 mg of Xanax . Another Dr. put me on 300mg of Trazadone which did nothing as did Proxac.
   I went to a psychologist who determined that my problem was physical and sent me to a Pcyc. He put me on 1mg of Klonopin 3 times daily, in which I found instant relief. Iv'e been on this for 5 years now .My Psyc Dr retired and was replaced by a young lady Dr that wants to take me off Klonopin.My original Psyc told me I probably had a GABA defiency from my years of meth use. Which makes sence. My sister is on Xanax, my 8 years old niece is on Topamax.We seem to have a possible family history of some defiency.
I am soon to get a new medical plan and have enough Klonopin for 3 months.Should i start weaning myself off Klonopin? I wake up every single morning , eyes WIDE open and feeling like i did a line of meth.
I don't abuse drugs anymore and my wine drinkng has tapered off drastically.
I'm hoping my new Dr. will keep me on it, Are there anyother non-benzo drugs that correct a GABA defiency?
The last Psyc lady thati saw would not even comment on this.She was determined to wean me off of it and said since i was drinking that I was at risk for seizures...Klonopin has worked for me all theses years.
Thank you.

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