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why do i have such bad luck!!

Jan 30, 2010 - 2 comments

im going crazy not knowing what type of lump is in my breast it just feels like one thing after another my fiance is about to get surgery on the 19 of february for hydrocell and a hernia in his testical it was scary just waiting for his results he had it for two years he never told me about it untill his testical started swelling up than he had to tell me  he thought it was cancer thank god it turnd out not to be!! now here i am waiting tell monday morning for my ultrasound im so scared i was always afraid of getting cancer for some reason now my fear is reality im always feeling this lump i have hopeing it would go away some how i dont want to live this way i have a six year old daughter and a 3 year old son i just had a babie 6 months ago i dont want to leave them i can not bare the thought my life was so good untill this happend i mean i havent been diagnosed yet i guess im preparing for the worst just incase they tell me bad news im just hopeing that my doctor is right when she told me that she doesnt feel the same components as cancer and it may be a tumor but not cancer type cause it feels a little long or it might be a cyst but i still have to get further testing done i just pray to god that i dont have any type of cancer please let me live!!!

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by lhughes, Jan 30, 2010
First off, cancer generally is no longer a death sentence.  Granted getting through chemo/radiation/reconstruction is not a walk in the park, but it doesn't mean that life is over by any means.  And, cancer can, in weird ways, be a blessing.  This I know for a fact.  I have been blessed by my cancer and continue to see blessings everyday because I had cancer.  I'm a 4 year survivor, I was diagnosed at 36 when I was 8 weeks pregnant.  I now have a 5 year old (the one I was breastfeeding when I found my lump) and a wonderful, if not totally spoiled, almost 4 year old.  I had a Stage III cancer by the time it was diagnosed.  I had all of the above, bald head and boobless for the better part of 2 years.  I'm now cancer free, hair has returned and boob put back in place.  I call one of my blessings a "boob job and a tummy tuck!"  And while all of that was happening, my father passed away from prostate cancer, my mother moved in with us and then we built her a house next to us....  and whew!  What a ride it was!

Yes, life likes to throw multiple issues at us at once just to see how strong we are.  And looking back on the other side of it, you will find that you are strong and your family is strong.  This is just a bump in the road and you must choose how you will attack it.  You can either hide from it, run from it, or hang on and see where it takes you.  

Go have your ultrasound, if they want to do a biopsy, go ahead and get that overwith.  Find out what you are dealing with, talk with people on how they dealt with it (if there is anything to be dealt with), then go forth!   In the words of one of my cancer theme songs "Life Ain't Always Beautiful!  But it's a beautiful ride!"  Don't forget to enjoy the scenary as you go!

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by annajade, Jan 30, 2010
thanks for the comment i always got the impression that cancer is not easy treated and thats the end of ur life! what scary for me is that last couple of months a few friends had passed away from cancer maybe it was too late for them when they found out i just hate when doctors say "theres nothing we can do for u" i dont want to hear that! ur story is inspireing to me after reading ur comment i felt my nerves calm down a bit.i well face whatever god has pland for me!! i thank u again..

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