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Lymph Nodes

Ultrasound of the Thyroid area dated 12/24/07 - Negative ultrasound of the thyroid bed and lateral left neck, no evidence of recurrent mass

Ultrasound of the Thyroid area dated 06/18/08 - four small oval opacities in the left thyroid bed 1 - oval 2x3mm bypoechoic or cystic opacity medial to the carotid artery and jugular vein are 2 adjacent hypoechoic oval opacities, the larger of which is 7x3mm in siz.  There is also a facal hyperechoic 6/3mm oval opacity medial to the vessels.

Ultrasound of the thyroid area dated 12/12/08 - Real time ultrasound evaluation of the thyroid bed again shows 3 small hypoechoic nodules and 1 small hyperechoic nodule on the left.  The appearance, size and number of these nodular foci are unchanged.  At least one of the contains a smalll central vascular area consistent with a lymph node.  There is no focus of abnormal echotexture in the right thyroid bed

Ultrasound of the thyroid area dated 12/29/09 - In the thyroid bed, small hypoechoic nodules are present in several area.  In the left side of the neck, there is a 5 mm cyst.  A second 6 mm cyst is present at the lower aspect of the thyroid bed.  A third 5x 2 cystic area is noted medially.  Small cyst and/or complex nodules are present, which could represent sterile postsurgical collection, scar tissue, residual thyroid tissue or parathyroid glad.  A lymph node could also cause this appearance

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