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How can this be?

Jan 31, 2010 - 2 comments

I am writing this for my sister and myself. My sister and I have both been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, bronchial-asthma, degenerative disc disease, carpal tunnel, scoliosis for myself and lordosis for her, I have arthritis as well, we both have sciatica problems, spurs on our feet, both have been told to wear orthotics inserts in our shoes, we both have all of the problems that come with fibromyalgia, as well as issues with migraines.

I guess my question is although we are siblings, how is it that we have practically mirrored health problems? There are very little differences between both of us. This just seems very wierd to me to have almost exactly the same health problems that my sister has.

I am worried for both of our children with health issues. I know that it seems like all of the females in our family seem to eventually get these issues especially with the degenerative disc disease. My mom and grandmother both have it. Why is it that these diseases are inherited? There has to be something that one could do to avoid getting the inherited diseases. It seems to me that it probably doesn't matter how well you live your life, that you are still doomed. My sister is younger than I am and seems to have all of her stuff a lot worse than I. I have seen her in the mornings where she is not function-able at all until about a hour or two after she takes her meds. I am thankfully only like that sometimes. Although I do have issues with walking stiff most mornings depending on the weather. I am just wondering if anyone else has issues like this with their siblings and/or family. It just seems ti weird to me. I know that genetics play a lot in this role but we are two completely different people.

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by margypops, Mar 03, 2010
I think most of us humans gets something passed on if we are lucky its the minor ailments sometimes its the biggies, and yes we do worry about our children , Sounds like you are the lucky one and your illness isnt as bad as your sister well whilst this isnt good for her, its good for you as you are more fortunate , I think we have to think with the glass full , my brother has similar health problems as me, both have sugar level problems whilst our Mom was a diabetic so we are fortiuunate so far we are not, I have scoliosis also I dont even know what it really means for me I was told about it and I havent thought about it much, I do get some aches and pains , tell you what I am taking a great new multiple supplement and to be honest I have more energy than I have had in I must have been deplete in some of the vits and Nutrients I am drinking pomegranite juice every day , I have yet to get back to really active execise, I have become a bit of a couch potato ask about the mirrored health problems well I guess it is heredity , but we can fight them determine not to let it affect our lives , stay positive in attitude    marg.

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by buzzhawk, Aug 07, 2010
It has come out that Americans are the sickest and most drugged up nation.  This no accident!!!


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