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100 hours of pain

Jan 31, 2010 - 0 comments

withdrwal symptoms









i have just reached 100 hours of withdrawl from painkillers norco 10/325's i was taking 20+ per day. i can say it was a horrable experience and i dont want go through it ever again. i had the cold sweats, migrane head ache that is unexplainable, crawling legs, runnning nose, tremors, twitching legs, overall pain all over, the work ***** ever, depression that felt like i would go cray.i finally went to the Dr. after a night of zero sleep during night the number 2 and was given some xanix this saved me from going crazy. i am about 70% and can think clearly again now to put together a plan to stay clean. thank good for an understanding wife and great friend spencer that helped me the last day or so.

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