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Bipolar+Learning Disabilities?

Jan 31, 2010 - 2 comments

Learning Deficits



I am working on a graduate research paper about the connection between bipolar and learning disabilities.  Any personal experience? Any comment on the subject?

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by fklapmeyer, Jan 14, 2011
I am home schooling my 11 year old grandson - diagnosed ADHD, bi-polar and possible aspergers.  He is being home schooled because he could not keep up in school.  He began life as a happy contented baby and at the age of 2 1/2 began having atonic seizures which lasted off and on for 5 years.  He was taking depakote to control his seizures.  After being taken off of depakote, severe mood swings, behavior problems, attitude problems, etc. started almost immediatly.  However, he had problems learning from the beginning of kindergarten so I don't know whether the learning problems stem from the seizures or bi polaror both.  I believe his diagnosis of ADHD is actually bi polar.  

I am a retired elem ed school teacher.  In all my years of teaching I never came across anyone with as many learning and behavior problems as my grandson.  His problems include but not limited to:

Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) which makes following directions almost impossible
Lack of short term memory which impacts learning any facts whether math, history, science, reading comprehension, et al
Inability to maintain concentration
Cannot spell or hear vowel sounds, diagraphs, dipthongs, consonant clusters which impacts his general reading ability
Small muscle control - handwriting
Total lack of motivation
Emotional immaturity

This is a heart breaking situation.  Even one-on-one is more than difficult as he may not remember today's info tomorrow.  His behavior when unmedicated is uncontrollable.  He lacks judgement in all areas.  At 11 years old, he cannot even handle being around my dogs without supervision.  Last week he was nipped in the face by my basset hound.  It takes a lot to aggrevate a basset, but he managed to do it.  I fear for my safety as he gets older.  He already sees a counselor and a psychiatrist.  

I hope this helps your research.  God knows I wish it would help my grandson.

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by riamichele, Apr 06, 2012
How come no one draws a link between epilepsy, bipolar and learning disabilities? It seems to me they have to be connected! I have had a life long struggle with all three and would like to know the link.  Knowing would not take the pain away but it would make it at least make sense!

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