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I dont know what goin on

Feb 01, 2010 - 2 comments

that gona sound crazy what i will say but Im feeling funny....I dont have pain or cramp the last 24 hour, not bleeding thank god.....but still everything is looking a kind o ok....Im feeling not good....I have a like a worry inside me like something is not ok but I dont know what it is....maybe if my head making thing up for im not feeling cramp or breast and nipple too is no so painful like that ok or normal....or is something bad is start to happening....please god....please take care of my baby and let my baby be ok, please, please God.

my journey looking for a baby
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by lovebenson, Feb 01, 2010
You have my prayers! as we have the same due date....I understand what u are going through! I just went to the docotrs to check my hcg levels which were 750????and they are gunna be taking them every 48 hours to make sure they arent dropping!?!? cross my fingers. This pregnancy i dont feel as pregnant my boobs hurt but only on the sides and underneath sometimes it feels as if they dont hurt mcuh other times they do?!?! They are kinda getting harder but not really. confused as well and worried. praying you and baby are safe!!!!!

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by tiroloca, Feb 03, 2010
to day i will get my hcg level result....I will let you know about it later....see you then =)

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