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Jul 07, 2015 - 0 comments

So I had scans and they came back no spreading !!! Thank god !!! I go today for bone treatment I'm so sick of treatment :( I've had a lot of pain lately from changing hormones I'm on amiderix & Lupron every three months my oncologist said it would make me go into menopause and I get my friggen period lol ugh ! Khloe is almost 16 months she has strawberry blonde curly hair and she's a sassy pants . She loves the dogs they play good together . She talks a little . Definitely a diva sometimes but I still love her so much !!!! She has 16 teeth and is wearing 24 months she's so tall and 6.5 in a shoe (huge feet) were getting ready to move this place is not where I want to be . I go on the 22nd to my oncology apt I hate those apts I'd rather not go he is always negative . My oldest dd is driving she is doing so well soon she will take her behind the wheel test more freeway training is needed first ! She's getting a car soon from my auntie a pt cruiser . My Caden still has spots dermatology biopsy came back as a allergic reaction so allergist is next :( medical dropped Khloe for no reason so now I have to find out why never a dull moment lol but I love this crazy life minus cancer. That part has to go ! Hope you all are well glad to see all the bfp and for the girls trying keep on keeping on it will happen ! Love to you all xoxo Loretta

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