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Dietary Idea

Jul 05, 2008 - 0 comments

liquid diet














universal healthcare



So I tried ensure, it's okay.
I think I'm going to have my diet mostly consist of : water, Ensure, soy milk, juice, and V8 Splash.
And hopefully soon I'll have  a concotion of supplements to take with it so I can be healthier and not suffer any consequences of a mostly-liquid diet.

I'd like to have:
1) Activated charcoal (It removes poisons, drugs, heavy metals, and can help with stomach conditions and diarrhea)
2) Probiotics
3) A multivitamin
4) Peppermint capsules (enteric coated)
5) Fiber or PHGG
6) Omega-3s

If I liked tea, some chamomile tea and green tea and dandelion root teas could help.

I have some hope, now. But it ***** being like this. (Really they censor here? S-u-c-k-s is a bad word?)

Oh yeah! My reduced hospital bill is over $8,000. ******* great!

I checked out a Naturopathic doctor around here. Oh my god, he's perfect! If only I had insurance. He doesn't even cost that much, compared to the hospital, at least. He is everything I'm looking for in a doctor, I didn't think someone like him existed. I wish I could afford it...
Well, I'm voting for Obama. So hopefully we'll get universal healthcare.

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