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How do i say goodbye

Feb 01, 2010 - 1 comments






im 11 weeks and 2 days pregnant today. i and my husband went to ob to have my u/s bc im spotting for almost 5 days. first day its just like a brown discharge like your having a period it lasted for 4 days and yesterday when id pee wipe it becomes pinkish brown....we'r so scared but before that last friday afternoon. i eagerly went to my ob to check me up if everything fine. he told me that the baby was in good condition, yet im still afraid of wats happening inside of me. i dont have any cramps, my symptoms went on and off.  today my ob sent me to er for scan. our day went black and i feel cold until now. the scan is really bad the worst thing is why im still getting symptoms of pregnancy while my baby stop growing at 7 weeks. my tummy becomes big and my breast too. i gain weight. why this thing happen to us. tech said, after knowing that i m/c 2 before and this was the 3, its just bc something need to know deeper why this happen for the 3rd tym. its bc there is a problem with me or my husband due to genetic. tech was so nice to us. she explained everything , she saw me like a burning candle. i cant talk, i just stared at the photo of my baby's ultraschal while printing.  tonight im alone 2gether with my 12 yr old son. still thinking how to accept again this matter. i have nobody to talk 2. my husband went back to work. i cant still believe that we'd lost our baby again for the 3rd tym. im so thankful that we#d already have a healthy 12 yr old son. he cried also but keep on telling me "mama, its okey maybe this is not the right time again for us to have a new baby, dont worri mama our baby was already with my 2 siblings up in heaven" my hearts broke and shed of tears falls down of my, how can i say goodbye to our three lil angels above?

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by sophie609, Mar 29, 2010
That must be really hard. Im sorry i just felt the need to read what you wrote. i have been married for two years, first baby in my womb, i was 14 weeks pregant, started spotting and it jus came straight out. mind u this was yesterday. i still cant get over it and dont knw how i could say goodbye. yours is more painfull im sorry i just know were ur coming from, i donot know if i will ever be able to get over it. But like they say... god gives it to you when he wants , he can take it away when he wants too. thats the worst thing, but what i think is , its put in their for a reason and taken with reason, maybe god knew it wouldnt develop as well or it would cause us problems during our late pregnacy, or it could become very sick or we could become sick. theres never a certain answer, althought iv asked myself many times, whyy mee... whyy noww.. but i guess its better knowing its gone rather then happening at a later stage where its too late and your too attached. i blame myself and my husband.. but really theres just no explaination these things happen. we should be greatfull we can have kids u know.. theres so many people that wait for years and can never concieve, im jus greatfull that i know i can next time, i will be ready and healthy. i do hope you are allright. god is with you & so are your angels. xx

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