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Getting excited, but not to much

Feb 01, 2010 - 3 comments

After 8 years of trying and 8 failed ivfs , now a beautiful 22yo gave me her eggs i will have some baby luck, its been a long long road with my 1st husband leaving me because i could not give him a baby and my new husband of 2 years that is 100% behind me all the way i feel like im going to make the climb.....

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by nickieb85, Feb 01, 2010
Oh honey I am so happy for you and some men are just not understanding as some other men :( I hope that you get the beautiful baby that you deserve.

136689 tn?1419580447
by misslollipop, Feb 02, 2010
That's great news for you both, i hope everything works out for you

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by SF11, Feb 02, 2010
Oh dam, i just did a hpt and it came up negative.... got to wait 6 more days till final blood test but i think i know the answer all ready...

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