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thank god i took CPR

Feb 02, 2010 - 5 comments

so on saturday 1/30/10 my aunt had her wedding reception. was at a beautiful marriott hotel in the high class part of town. the people there were worth millions!...doctors everywhere, state senators, surgeons, big money accountants (thats what my aunt and uncle do) etc.... so everyone had a great time, open bar, 8 piece band, everyoen danced all night, and these high class business people got trashed! was great !!!!!....seeing them all on the dance floor like they were 18 again!....the things a few drinks can do to you!!! ways the night went great. most of the people were staying at the hotel being that we all got discounted rates. so as im on the way back up to my room i see a man on the floor, he was in his 60's or so. everyone was standing around looking at him on the floor!..HELLO YOU PEOPLE ARE DOCTORS!!!!!..... i dont know why everyone was just looking, maybe they were drunk, maybe there were shocked, i dont know....

so right away i ( who am pretty drunk myself) drop to my knees and i didnt notice ANY breathing, his eyes were open but there was NOTHING there. just like a blank stare....scary!...i tilted his head back to open the air way and i was watching for some kind of chest rise, as i did this i opened his pants and un did his tie and buttons on his shirt, told someone to call 911 and get me and AED. my uncle grabbed his legs and put them int he air to try and get some blood flow going... as i went to give him a breathe he took one on his own!...THANK GOD!!... it was normal, but he was breathing..they were slow shallow breathes, but as the seconds went by he starting breathing better.i took the pulse but i had a real hard time trying to find it....another guest at the wedding joined me on the ground and it turned out he was a doctor, so he found a pulse and checked the vitals the best he could. he man started to come back slowly. he focused on me and started talking to me... i asked him his name, and he told me. i asked him what year it was and he told me 2010, he told me he didnt know what happened but he said he felt ok.... i felt some relief that he was talking and breathing much better. then the EMT got there and took him to the hospital.

everyone starting crying and hugging me saying how proud they were and a bunch of thank you's, and people asked how long i have been doing CPR??...umm that was the first time!!!... i couldnt believe how proud everyone was of me and even how proud i was and suprised at myself for doing that ... my mom said i grew up REAL fast, think that was the first time i ever heard my mom say how proud she was of me i wanna say thanks to my teachers for making us take that CPR class!!!....god was watching that day and he had me there for a reason!..i believe in karma and one day i will get mine back im sure.....not to mention that guy was worth a few million dollars!.....i feel like a hero! (as i puff out my chest!

he ended up needing a pace maker. his heart rate was at 41, which i hear is NOT a good thing.....does this mean i was his angel???

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784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Feb 02, 2010
OOPS... i meant ot say he WASNT breathing normal, but he was breathing

973741 tn?1342342773
by specialmom, Feb 02, 2010
Yes, I think you count as his angel.  Good job!!  It is funny what we are capable of in an emergency-----  some people totally fall apart and some spring into action.  You're the action side of things and that man has his life to thank for it!

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Feb 02, 2010
yes your right some people just panic, but i just acted on what i knew to do ......thanks!

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Feb 02, 2010
Well you were a hero, you saved a life whats better than that , I did CPR the Heimlich on a 4year old once , he had a wadge of peanut butter on bread stuck in his throat he was spluttering and seemed to be choking,,it was a kids party, ,his mom panicked ,i had done CPR so I grabbed him did some compressions under his little ribs, and out popped the yuck, the Paramedic arrived soon after as I had yelled for backup in case it didnt work, checked him over and said all was well. I dont know if I did save his life but I was glad that darned mess came out of his mouth..His Mom told all and sundry I had Turkee I think you deserve a big pat on the back ..

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Feb 04, 2010
thanks margy!.... yea i feel very proud!

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