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Hens As Recapitulating Model For Ovarian Cancer Research

Jul 06, 2008 - 1 comments



Ovarian Cancer


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I come across this interesting blog entry. The blogger posts under the name of Virtual Buck. The entry  touches the use of hens in the study of ovarian cancer. The blogger said that the lack of a suitable animal model has hampered the study of ovarian cancer and the humble hen may be the solution.  According to the blog entry:

Since hen's ovulate every day, by the time they've completed their second year of lay, they have approximately the same reproductive age as a menopausal woman, each having ovulated 450 to 500 times. That is a lot of tear and repair and it is a this time that both women and hens are usually afflicted with ovarian cancer. The incidence in a 2 year old hen is 4%, but in a 6 year old hen, the incidence of ovarian cancer approaches 50%. This provides a relatively short period of time in which the entire disease can be studied.

I do not have a science background but it seems to make sense to me. Hopefully, one day there would be an effective cure for ovarian cancer.

Link to the my blog entry with the link to full text:

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by TrudieC, Jul 06, 2008
Wow, what an interesting article.  I used to have a small hobby farm and raised and breeded my own exotic/fancy chickens.  They were my pets (one of my banty hens would scream when she saw me and come running for a cuddle and belly rub and then ride around on my shoulder as I gardened) and a source of food for their eggs.  I miss them terribly now that we have moved into town and just love the idea that these beings can help us find a cure for ovarian cancer.  

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