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Mood Swings

Jul 06, 2008 - 2 comments

I am having some good old fashioned mood swings. It seems like every little thing my hubby does seems to just **** me off lately. Not that he doesn't deserve todays explosion. I have been feeling like poo all day long. My sinuses are stuffed up, been coughing, running what I consider a slight fever, headaches, and dizziness. Hubby has been letting me leasurely stay in bed and lay on the couch. I did get up and do the dishes although it took me about 3 hours. I would wash a few, rinse, and put in drying rack, then go lay on couch for a while longer. Hubby on the other hand has been busy putting the baseboards into the baby's room and redoing the door trim to the closet in there. He asked me if I felt up to running to the store to buy him a six pack of beer. My reply of course was no, my head still hurts, and I'm sure being dizzy I shouldn't drive. Well, he went outside came back in and asked me again, were you going to run to the store for me. Uh, this just set me off. It made me feel as though he didn't care how I felt. Not to mention driving is never a good idea when you are dizzy. Anyway, I said fine whatever and got up to pull back my hair and put on a bra. He of course could tell that I was being hostile and started stomping around the house and finally left to get his own beer. I, on the other hand, was so mad that I packed an overnight bag and left to go stay in a hotel for the night. He has called about 10 times at this point and I still haven't answered my phone. Childish yes, but I am still so mad at him. I feel like he chose the beer over how I feel right now. No, he isn't an alcholic but he does drink on occasion. So maybe this is the hormones or maybe not, but either way, I am going to try to sleep it off and maybe I will be able to talk to him in the AM.

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by Cheesecake7, Jul 06, 2008
I definatly understand the mood swings, but you have to remember that he doesnt get it. It sounds like he is definatly worried about you, having called that much. I can understand how you feel, I definatly get very upset and things that I normally wouldnt. Remember, even when he does his best he has no idea how you are feeling and what it is like to feel the things that you are feeling. At least he was working on the babies room, that is nice.  Are you going to call him and let him know that you are okay?   I hope that you feel better and get a good nights sleep.  Lots of hugs   : )

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by nikko*ttc, Jul 07, 2008
Just to let you guys know - We are doing better now. I think I was just having a moment.

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