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Sex during Pregnancy

Dec 13, 2007 - 4 comments

Is having sex during pregnancy bad. I heard it is actuclly good. I had sex two days ago and had a pink discharge. It was only that day but it wasnt the entire day just after sex. I havent seen it again so I am not as worried but just to be in the safe side.

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by Want2BeMama, Dec 21, 2007
hey im like you im 11 weeks preggo and when i was 6 weeks i had sex and started bleeding right after i was so scared my dh rushed me to the hospital when i got there they told me i was m/c and my shuand was blaming himself i coudnt believe it...but before they did anything i got an u/s and we heard the babys heartbeat and we saw the sac eeverything was ok..since than im so scared to have sex we havent..and i feel bad for my husband but i dont want it to happen again just because of sex you know what i mean im way too scared.

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by Mommy3Girls, Feb 04, 2008
Ladies, just to let you know.. my doc said its normal to spot a bit after intercourse. So unless it turns red or acts like a period you are most likely safe. Dont stress it. Its always good to call your doctor, but like I said, the doc says its normal to spot after intercourse.

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by was502, Mar 16, 2008

I am 25 year old,male..i am using condom while doing sex with my fiance from 18 month. From 1 year my stomach is blowing like ballon. Can u advice us which tablet she should use if i dont want to wear condom & it should not effect her pregnancy after marriage..Thanks

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by karan5620, Dec 02, 2010
can u plz tell me if there do not have any bleeding to both partners during sex, then what it means. even that sex was first time.....

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