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Jul 06, 2008 - 0 comments

well my pregnancy has been great. Unfortinatley when I got off of Dicletin a few weeks ago I felt like I needed it again, but it wasent really bad I was just having some pain sensations in my stomach (and not from the baby) so I hope after a few more weeks of being on it I dont need to be on it anymore! I love this pregnancy feeling the baby move and everything, its such a beautiful feeling. I love when Dylan feels like baby its nice to feel the movements too as well as kicking. When you feel the baby move all along your stomach it feels so cool and for the past few weeks now I am actually feeling her on the sides of my stomach now and since shes growing more shes starting to kick above my belly. Hehe. I keep having some crazy dreams I have never had before just aboutt weird stuff but alot about babies too. We are waiting to move down stairs to a bigger apartment cant wait to do that I have ssome things I am getting given to me and  I just want to start setting things up arleady. I dont have anything yet really so I am so anxsious. We should be moving in the next 2 weeks :)

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