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Getting rid of cancer with stem cell treatment in India is cost effective

Jul 17, 2015 - 0 comments

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The scientists researching on stem cells therapy are new hope to treat diseases by storing cells. The regenerative stem cells treatment has the power to target the degenerative cells. The stem cell treatment vivifies the organs with serious injuries or chronic diseases. Stem cell therapy is method to treat or prevent a diseased condition by using stem cells. Bone marrow transplant is most commonly used therapy. Other stem cell therapies derived from umbilical cord blood is also in use.
Doctors have used stem cell treatment for cancer very effectively combining it with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The treatment can give a second chance to a patient suffering from life-threatening disease. The different types of
1. Autologous stem cell therapy: healthy stem cells are obtained from bone marrow; blood etc to be replaced by non-functioning cells.
2. Allogenic stem cell therapy: this type uses donors’ cells. This is not been practiced legally in India as it is not working successfully.
Stem cell treatment for cancer is a procedure to get a person fit by removing unhealthy cells. The process begins injecting stem cells in patient’s body. The cells used are the ones which are not developed fully and immature having ability to adapt surroundings matching to the concerned area.  Once the stem cells are injected, the body shows growth factors. These process advances, leading to development of new cells. The old and sick cells are replaced by the new cells.  This is known as the stem cell treatment for cancer.
The quality of patient’s life is improved and the main focus of treatment is to overcome dire diseases like all types of cancer, blood cancer is successfully treated, tumors, Immunodeficiency Disorders, metabolic disorders, brain injuries.
Rise in medical care and treatment in foreign land leads to attraction of tourists seeking an inexpensive treatment in India. The number of Americans is growing to avail treatment in India trusting the methods and services provided with world class facilities in health care centers. The lack of health services in under developed parts like Africa, middle-east, central Europe is one of the reason people visit India for best yet effective treatment. The cost of best stem cell treatment in India varies half to one-third that of developed states.
When coming to get medical assistance in an unknown country, it is quite difficult to choose healthcare provider only by the reference. A leading medical tourism company, Dheerajbojwani consultants will help international patients deciding treatment with best doctor in top class hospital catering supreme services to our patients. The educated and highly trained staff of hospital will make sure to give superlative stem cell treatment to save life of patient bring back the smile.

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