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life after a nervous breakdown -bipolar disorder

Jul 07, 2008 - 5 comments

nervous breakdown






hair loss



i have a couple of questions and apology to make so sorry about the run-on sentences before we get started i type faster that way . after my breakdown i started experiancing twitching in my arms and head. i also  cant control the itching in my scalp it has caused hair loss in certain spots. my question is has anyone experianced these problems  or does anyone have vital information for the following .     thanks

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by mims197, Aug 06, 2008
im unsure what my hairloss and spots on the scalp is caused through but i have had similar experience but my scalp burns to if u find out i wud love to know keep in touch m

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by shadowboi6977, May 10, 2009
I am heavily medicated bi-polar female. This year I've suffered many traumatic events, such as attempted murder on me, a vervous break down, 4 attemps of suicide by my partner, a nervous breakdow, rape, a drinking binge when someone stole all my medication. I remember little bits and pieces of the entire 2009. I am hanging in there, everyone says I'll be ok, but I just don't believe them. I feel like my inner being has changed.....I can't explain it to them, they don't understand. My therapist just looks at me like I'm speaking Swahili or something. And my psych just thinks I need more meds. I am DESPERATE, I don't know what to do. It is so hard to leave my house. I only leave with my mother, aunt, adn cousin.....and only if I have to grocery shop which now gives me anxiety and to my dr. appts....
any thoughton what I can do?

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by padder, Jan 25, 2010

you can get through this,,,im not a big talker but there is a book by claire weekes its the bible for a breakdown it made me fully better,, ps i might have bi polar my self but i defo took a breakdown and have fully recoverd..

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by jamieann51, Mar 12, 2010
I'm not sure if i've had a Nervous Breakdown about 5yrs ago,but I really beleive I have and so does my family,I also have the twitching in my arms,but my whole body does it too.I dont wale about,but different parts at different times.My head gets aggravating,it jerks,shakes and does like i guess like circles.As i'm sitting here my bodies swaying forward and back,like they show mental people on movies,THAT is Imbarrassing in public/work, (so i havent worked in 10yrs,I live off my sons Disability,he has A.D.H.D. slight Autism,and not sure what else yet, hes 6yrs.)  These happen Not constantly,sometimes more than others,and even when i'm not upset or worried.I have bad depression,(chemical Imbalance as they called it.) i get Hives from my nerves,I have Anxiety attacks,Panick Attacks,mood swings,Very jumpy like when a phone rings,My mom says she thinks i'm Bi-Polar and that I have a.d.h.d. .My nerves are 100% shot. I can't even get a job,cause i shake so bad when i'm there and black out alotMy speech would and still Sometimes Changes as i'm talking,it sounds like i'm a slow person,BAD. I look like and sound like an idi9ot,b/c then i forget what i'm sayin..I actually had to drink water so it didnt stain if i got it on my clothes from shaking.Forget what i looked like tryin to have a smoke!! UGH..I also forget what i'm doing,or how to do it.I dont think i've recovered from what happened(breakdown).but it scares me to think of how i felt and what happened when i went through it,but its a long story to bring up sorry.But i don't think i've recovered,it's almost time for me to get a job and I get sick to my stomach just thinking about it,I wish there was somethng i can do.Theres no mediciene to help me be able to work,si I don't know what to do about it...any advise?

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by emmaj820, May 28, 2010
i'm 28 years old and always lived with my mum. i haven't worked in years. i have been sacked or walked out of every job i ever had.  depression and anxiety got worse and worse over the years affecting every aspect of my life.  i quit at every thing.  last year i just closed myself of from the world completely.  stayed in my room drinking and smoking weed.  i surfed the net and lost myself in celebrities and fantasy. i became completely psychotic.  in october i was sectioned for six weeks.  i was left to wander the ward with no councelling or treatment, my family was told not to visit me and i wasn't told about this.  my family thought i was getting help and followed the psychiatrists orders.  i was so scared.  so scared that i trust no one in the mental health profession.  my family later discovered what was going on in the hospital but the damage was done.  its been six months since i came out and i give all credit to myself and my mother for any progress i have made and i can tell you this i have made alot of progress.
all these symtoms that you talk off i have had and i what i've learned is to screw what anyone else says and do what i need to do to help myself.  i choose to take medication.  it calms me down. in a way its like i have some form of post traumatic stress.  the sectioning and what i saw in the hospital came out of nowhere.  i never knew anything about psych wards or diagnosis. nothing
but what upsets me is that i have lost all trust in people.
my psychiatrist diagnosed me bi polar.
ok then, i'll accept that.
i can't miss being normal because looking back i was never normal.  so i'ved learned to ACT!
thats right i act. everyone who you think is normal knows how to act!
i swear it works.
i choose my facial expressions, my words and body language very carefully and i act.
i try new things every day.
my family knows the real me so i get release from them.
but out side i act
i don't disclose my diagnosis to anyone.
thats my buisiness.
i mimic charasmatic and witty people.  i study people and it is working.
so thats my take on it.
normal people act. SO ACT!!!

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