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stomach pains 6 days after ovulation, pregnant?

Feb 05, 2010 - 2 comments

my last period was january the 19-24. i had sex unprotectd and the guy came in me on the 1st/2nd! startn this morning i have had lower abdominal cramps. Right above the pubic line. Nothing else seems to be accoring but the cramps. They feel more like a tightening or pinch. Keepn in mind, twins run highly in my family! so could this be a sign of pregnancy? its 6 days after ovulation and the sexual intercourse

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by pretty_olme, Feb 12, 2010
i have been experiencing the same thing my period or Wat i think to be my period started yesterday nd i was jus spotting and today is the same well good luck

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by maoriprincess, Mar 16, 2010
sounds like period pain sorry...but how was the out come anyway?

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