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Jul 07, 2008 - 1 comments

i am having a miserable day and could really use some cheering up.i just had the worst fight ever with my boyfriend and i dont know what ot do or where to turn.i just dont get it.when things r good they r so good.then once something happens our fights turn to wars.its terrible.and with a baby comign so much worse.i cant even get into things that were said because i know people will think what the hell r u doing with him?but what am i supposed to do now?even if i wanted ot leave which honestly i dont i love him.i am pregnant and already have another child (not his) which is most of the so out of my mind right now and i got ot go to work.i can barely sorry but i just needed to all seriousness i think my bf has a bipolar problem and yet he will never admit to needing any sort of am i supposed to get him to do something bout it.we cant keep fighting this way...

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by tarrah87, Jul 15, 2008
until he realizes that he may need help for this, there is not much you can do, but i hope that things start to get better for u.

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