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Feb 06, 2010 - 2 comments

Yesterday I had a scratchy throat (needless to say that worried me) then, all of a sudden while i was on my way to bed my whole entire body started to feel daughter has been sick since sunday i took her to the doctor and the doctor said that she has rsv and broncholitis with a slight case of pneumonia...all of these things are scaring the hell out of me!!!! what is i infected my daughter through that stupid tampon incident where she touched it half way out when i was preparing to change it....i cant remember if i caught and washed her hands before she put that finger in her mouth...i cant even remember whether or not she put her finger in her mouth...but none the less i am scared out of my mind!!!! Now i am sitting ears are throat is kinda sore feels more swollen then anything and my whole entire body is aching like nobody's business!!!! i am so scared that i have hiv!!!!! i am so tired of living like this...i cannot take it anymore!!!! At this point all I can do is Pray to GOD that when I get tested in March that my results are NEGATIVE...but until then what am I to do....the counseling isn't really helping...but thats probably more so because i havent followed my psychiatrist's instructions about staying off of these forums!!! LORD PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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by turkee23, Feb 08, 2010
havent you been tested with negative results already?......

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by WorriedBeBe, Feb 08, 2010
yeah in november...but it was at the college i go to and they give you a number instead of just using your name for the results and for some reason or another i just cant get it out of my head that either i didnt read the identification numbers right...or the doctor did something wrong or the 3 months i took to take the test was too soon for the antibodies to show up and i need to take the full 6 months!!!

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