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Jul 07, 2008 - 1 comments

So, now I have to have a CT Myelogram.  More money spent to see exactly how bad my neck is.  Really!?  Arg.  My doc is great, the go-to guy for spinal surgery in the region and he basically said there is no treatment for me.  A four level fusion would leave me stiff and with severely limited range of motion.  He said if I can handle the pain then I should.  Nice, huh?  The only place they are doing the kind of suregery I need is in Europe, primarily Germany.  I found out the cost today for a 4 level disc replacements surgery over there.  35-50k Euro.  Yeah right!  Like I am paying that.

But my doc is sending me for this CT Myelogram as he is hoping the MRi gave an incomplete or incompetent picture of what is going on in my neck.  I hope to god it shows that things aren't as bad as they seem or as they feel.  

Discouraged again.  I wish American medicine could catch up to meet the needs of the people.  

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by TERESA CADENA, Jul 08, 2008
Hi, its me again, What is a CT Myelogram? cat scan? my doctor wont do surgery on my lumbar area, he said i had a 10% of being pain free, but that is my back doctor, my primary doctor wolderont give me anything stronger for my pain, i also have issue"s with my left shoulder,/Longitudinal spliiting of the middle glenohumeral ligament, with slightly irregular margins of the split,most likely representing a longitudainal tear./ notching of the anterior-inferior glenoid labrum, with subtle flattening of the posterosuperolateral humeral head. they said i dislocated my shouder but i didnt, this could be residua of a nondisplaced or healed bankart lesion. otherwise it may degenerative. that is what my report says MRI ARTHROGRAM. PEACE/LOVE

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