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got my second trimester ultrasound done

Feb 03, 2010 - 0 comments

Today went in my for my ultrasound with my hubby dear finally. This was his first visit and the first time that he saw the baibee move and the heartbeat. And i dont know what made my doc so excited that he very conveniently blurted out to us that we are going to have a son and there you can see his testicles :). We were not planning to ask for the gender and were planning to keep it a surprise. Well neverthe less we were happy as both us preferred a son and then a daughter. The baibee weighed 147gms and the development was good as per the doc. There were two calculations that my doc is making based on my LMP that is I am 18 weeks and one based on my conception date and baibee size that is 16. weeks. there is a disparity of two weeks. Took a blood test too and have to go in after 4 weeks now with the report. Have put on two kgs too everything is good ...touch wood :)

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