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Aliyah Jazmyn Birth Story

Jul 24, 2015 - 1 comments

  My due date was July 3, 2015, but because I'm prone to having pretty large babies (8.12lbs and 9.13lbs) my doctor had originally wanted to induce me even a few days early.. but that didn't happen because apparently my hospital didn't have the rooms available. I got scheduled for an induction on July 6th.

  I went into the hospital on Sunday, July 5th to start my cervical ripening.  I was familiar with this as I had been induced with my first baby Aubree. With Aubree I responded very well to everything, so this time I had hoped to do the same. The cervical ripening didn't do much for me, I only got to 1 cm. Then at about 9 am Monday morning they started the pitocin,  I thought everything would go pretty quick from there because with Aubree I only had to go up to 10 on the pitocin.. not this time. I had a few mild irregular contractions here and there, they came and turned up my pitocin every half hour, but I wasn't really responding. At about 3 pm, my pitocin was up to 18 out of 20, I was 5 cm, but still barely having contractions, a doctor came in and was telling me that I may go home and see what happens (this was before he checked me, the last time I was checked I was only a 3), he told me that in less I had made some progress then I'd be sent on my way, so he checked me and decided to keep me. Things were moving so slow, Markus decided to run home for a bit to do something and he left both girls with me. I asked to use the bathroom and when I got back I knew it was time for the epidural.  With Markus still gone and me having both girls I couldn't get the epidural because only 1 person could be in the room with me. I was texting Markus telling him that things had picked up very quickly and that he needed to get back so I could get the epidural.  So he was rushing back. His mom came with him so she could take the girls and so Markus could stay with me.

  The person giving me the epidural was a student and she was having a hard time doing it, they said I was a "tough one"... but I NEVER EVEN GOT ANY RELIEF FROM IT. She didn't do it right and I felt EVERYTHING! I told the nurses and doctor that I felt like I had to push, they checked me and I was 10, and my bag was bulging!  The only problem was my doctor was on her way about 25 mins away. I started involuntary pushing and I couldn't stop.. I tried but it was just happening. At one point Markus walked in front of me to throw something away and right then my water broke and literally shot like 2 feet onto his leg!!.. He had no clue what had just happened. Lol. The doctor told me "ok you really got to focus on not pushing yet, your doctor in about 15 mins away".. I tried so hard, but it was like my body was pushing without my consent. About 10 minutes later Aliyah was born with only about 3 hard pushes! About 4 minutes later my doctor walked into the room and was like "omg we have a baby!". It happened so fast that they couldn't even break away the bottom of my bed, the just lowered it into the sitting position.

The doctor had to put her hand into my cervix to get out some of my placenta that didn't come out on its own.. and I think the was more painful then the actual birth. My epidural never worked, I felt everything and now at least I can say I know what natural birth feels like. Natural birth is super painful, but things move quicker then with the epidural... so they both have their pros and cons.

Aliyah Jazmyn weighed 8.7 lbs and was 21 inches long. She was born July 6, 2015 at 4:53 pm. She has already brought so much love and joy to all of our lives. Her sisters both adore her!

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by hansen20, Jul 24, 2015
That's awesome hun! Congrats to you and your family

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