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Jul 07, 2008 - 10 comments

My first Journal entry...not sure if I'll do another. ;o)

I'm feeling a little surreal right now. I just received the results of by Beta after my 1st FET... and it was negative this time. I am sad, but do not intend to stay here takes too much energy to do so and I refuse to allow it to over take me. I am a fighter and a complete optimist. ;o) So...I will be back at it as soon as I've given my body some rest from all these meds, etc. It will also give me time to reflect, exercise & get my body in better shape.  It is a challenge that I am looking forward to. The challenge part, is getting my body in better shape. ;o) I'm not kidding myself, now that is hard! ;o) I am going to start tomorrow...going to start out by walking 1 1/2 miles my 1st week & increase 1/2 mile each week until I can cover 4 miles comfortably. This should really keep me busy. ;o) I intend to be in better shape my next cycle attempt. So...look for me on the boards.


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99627 tn?1301270952
by shishka, Jul 07, 2008
Hello. I am very sorry about your results. Please keep your head up. You will get your BFP soon. You just have to be positive and never give up.


294043 tn?1354207946
by Helen72, Jul 07, 2008
You have an amazing spirit.  I am so glad you keep fighting and moving forward.

413852 tn?1317308712
by Savanha, Jul 07, 2008
Thank you ladies for your encouraging words. })i({


254689 tn?1251180040
by 40smama, Jul 07, 2008
Savanha  -

You're doing super!!  Your attitude and spirit are an inspiration to me.  I'm sorry about the negative beta - I know how hard that is & I wish I had lots of words of wisdom but it sounds like you're the one w/those words - you go, girl!  Take care of yourself - it sounds like you have great plans - & let's keep in touch w/each other - jennifer

507875 tn?1423160261
by Juana824, Jul 08, 2008
Good luck to you Savanha! I will keep you in my prayers!


513660 tn?1217171919
by cannotwait312, Jul 09, 2008
Hi Savanha,
I feel your pain. I have been there with my first failed IVF.. I am taking my beta for my first FET tomorrow. I have strong feelings that its going to be a negative. I know I will eventually pick myself up and move on and try again... but it will be hard tomorrow.  I think I will need a rest after as well.. after a year of trying with meds - your body needs a rest.  
Please keep in touch and I will pray for your next try :)


256553 tn?1258883918
by FaithNHim, Jul 12, 2008
You are in my thoughts and prayers.



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by Latrice414, Jul 31, 2008
Can you come get me and take me walking with you, i am so lazy and lack of motivation, i do just a little exercising, but i no i need to do more.  Cheering you on for a healthy next cycle, praying you get a BFP i will keep you in my prayers:)       (((((hugz)))))))

1027304 tn?1333973406
by Alexis2358, Oct 06, 2009
Hi, thank you for the invitation.   I was so sad reading your post.  Try to stay positive, we're all going thru this together.  it *****, its just completely *****, but you are on the right track.   Exercise will help you both mind and body. :)   Stay strong.

Avatar universal
by 43andstillhoping, Nov 29, 2011
Hi Savanha,
Love your name. It was the optional name my husband gave the Doc when I delivered my son 9 yrs ago. I am 43 and still hoping to have another child and if its a girl would love to name her Savanha.

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