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Our 3D Ultrasound

Feb 04, 2010 - 0 comments

3d ultrasound



Today we finally completed our 3D ultrasound. We went in yesterday (our original appt) but Sophia was facing my back and had her hands in front of her face the whole time. They gave me some apple juice and made me walk around to see if she would move around. She was moving but not the way we needed her to. It was almost like she was playing pee-a-boo with us. We got a few good shots and they invited us back today for another try. So today she was still facing my back and she was still being stubborn (like her daddy) but we ended up getting a few more good shots and we mixed yesterday and today's 4D video together. It was very uncomfortable getting the ultrasound too. He had to do it with me laying on my side to get a good picture and he was pressing so hard it left me bruised. It was well worth it though. She looks like her daddy, thats for sure. I love her!

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