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went to the doctor last night

Feb 08, 2010 - 0 comments

well i went to the doctor last night and they think that the meds im on is shutting my kidneys down. my stomach hasnt really gotten any better it justkeeps swelling and i dont know why. but they put a cath on me for last night and sent me home and told me to come back this morning to take it out. i only urinated 400 ml sense 4:00 yesterday evening and that was with a cath in. they told me that if i havent urinated at 1:00 today to come back up there and they would send me to a specialist it doesnt scare me to go but it dont feel to good either so i havent went yet!! im going to go at 2 after i lay in the hott tub to see if that will help they told me to try it so i am!!

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