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i woke up sleepy

Feb 08, 2010 - 0 comments

Beacause I had a dream where I went to go to voc but there was a major flood...And so we didn't go. It was nice. But I did have voc. So I went and learned. Wooo. And went to school, wooo. I still don't understand algebra. Wooo. I had jello, candy, and marshmellows for lunch. Wooo. And then I had to yell at my english teacher because she tried to force me to read outloud. Wooo. I don't feel comfortable reading outloud or in her class. Or in front of those kids. I just don't feel comfortable. To sound professional, it will cause me great amounts of anxiety and public embarassment. It will harm my grade and discourage me from participating in class. The teacher talks down on people. She'll mumble something and when the student doesn't understand, she'll whisper to another student about the first. And it's upsetting. It's embarassing. I have to watch her do it, and I will not read outloud and put myself out to be critisied like that. I will not read my monologue tomarrow in class. I will not. But c'mon, she's gonna drop my grade because my IEP doesn't go into effect till the 15th? **** her.

I went to Steve's after school. We did a lot of talking about the future. About the house we'll have. And I don't mean "Ohh hunny, let's have a water fountain!" I mean where to put the electrical units, where the pipes should end, how we'll insulate the walls, where we'll put the slide. Technical things.
And we talked about careers and classes and college. How to be successful. What about our families makes them so successful. The traits we share with them that could make us successful. What we'll major in, and how far away the colleges will be from each other. What we're going to do with our lives and how we'll make it work. And I have no doubt that we will. It was nice to talk about though. I feel a little bit better about it all. I'm trying to look up colleges and how far they'll be from home. I don't want to fly home. I want to be able to get there on my own. Also, it's very expensive and that's kindof ridiculous.

Tomarrow I'm going dress shopping with my mom. I just want to look at one of those fancy places, because I'm scared someone else will have the same dress as me. I think that might be bad.  So I'll go and try it out. And find new boots =[ I'm upset. Ugh. Wednesday I'm going to YAP and whatnot. Thursday hopefully I'll be snowboarding. Friday Steve is probably going to Pittsburg =/ Good for him, but I'll miss him. My weekend might be lonely. I'm probably going to ask to hang out with Shei Friday. I haven't hung out with her in a while. It's a Billy thing. Another one of those I-should-back-off things. But I'm not capable. So boo. Saturday I'm going twin shopping with Chelsey, her sister and another girl.

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