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pain under rib cage right side

Jul 04, 2008 - 7 comments

Bad pain in upper right side.. severe, better when i lay down started sudden.

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by simi2008, Oct 22, 2008
i am also suffering the same pain, i am a 38 year old woman, ive had this burning pain in my right ribs for about three years i also have a huge swelling to my stomach  i also vomit from time to time with it.

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by spottedsheila, Oct 22, 2008
Sounds just like mine, have they found anything wrong with you yet??? as the Dr.s up here
after many test, ultrasound, blood test, urine test, even a cystocomy{ don't think that is the right
spelling} the uroligist did it, put me to sleep, checked my bladder, and all that it entails.. Nothing.
I had my gallblader out in 2000, at this stage in the game, acid reflex is what they are saying, I say bologna
it is to much of a pinned area for that, it is not in the center of chest or abdomen, right side directly under
my rib cage, it feels better when I stay lying down, if I don't stay down long enough{hours} it just comes right
back, two fold... curious if you have had any luck.....

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by freedomangelchachy, Dec 29, 2008
pain in upper ride side stomach, been having this since 18 am 35 now, all doctors say its in my head, i tell them no its in my stomach.
had ultrasound all they told me was everything is of normal size, i said what is NORMAL????lol
also pain on left side when laying on that side fells like i'm laying on tennis ball, but no lump visable from outside of body!
can anyone help me???
everyone says i'm a hypocondeact! but a person knows when something aint right with their body!

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by Puttie, Aug 08, 2009
Look into Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction.  Sounds like the same symptoms.  I am presently having them also.  Seeing a gastro to find out what it is.  This happens after you have your gall bladder out.  

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by CJC29, Jul 29, 2010
I had my gallbladder removed in 06 and was pain free till beginning of 09 had an emergency sphincterotomy  done and was pain free again till dec of 09, he diagnosed me with SOD and put me on actigall(ursidol). I then found out I was pregnant jan 10. The pain ended till about 2 weeks ago and the attack came again with full force, with itching, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, headaches and normal LFT results.(of course) and nothing can be done unless my LFT goes skyrocketing again. I am tired and frustrated, as my doc prob is too. Another downfall is my husband is in the military, and we are stationed overseas so limited can be done which is not helpful. I feel as if no one cares or believes me and sometimes they ask me if I am depressed. I love my life except for always having this problem with no help. I just want this to end and to have a healthy baby. I am currently 34.3 weeks pregnant and going to be weekly monitored and lft's to be checked. Just wanted to throw that out there for anyone else having the same problems as I am. Thank you for listening to me!~

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by irishmoss555566, Jan 29, 2011
I have severe back pain in my right quadrant and then under my right rib cage  the pain I can feel it on the right side of my face (jaw).this comes on instantantly I can-not keep still I have to move, anyone with thesame symptom, am I havinh a small stroke? anyone out there that can help with knowledge of this. Thanks.

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by villagran, Mar 19, 2015
I feel the same way,and btoo sleep its hard my side hurts so bad,do anybody know what it could be plz let me know.

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