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Kalista needs prayers

Feb 09, 2010 - 5 comments
















Life has changed a lot.  Miss Kalista will be 4 on February 25th and she was taken to the hospital yesterday.  She has double pneumonia, her immunity count has dropped to 230 (they stop chemo at 500) and her hemoglobin is 5 (they transfuse at 7 and did so).  She is on antibiotics 3 x a day for 10 days and will have another transfusion on Friday.  Chemo has stopped and with her immunity so low it allows the opportunity for the leukemia to return ... but we continue to pray and entrust her to our Lord Jesus.  Please pray for her and feel free to add her to any prayer chains.

I am helping to take care of Ron's father.  He has 2 broken hips and bedsores on his feet.  The one hip and both bed sores, requiring 1/2 of his heel bone (bone infection and blood infection) to be removed in surgery was caused by a negligent nursing home (and they didn't even tell the family).  He is full care and requires full assistance so there is not much time for anything else.  

Still unemployed, which runs out in March.  Not sure what that will mean.  

Take care everyone and please help each other.  I miss you all very much and am currently only able to be on the  computer at the library 1 x a week for a short time.

Many Hugsss ..


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483733 tn?1326798446
by TrudieC, Feb 09, 2010
Ranae, so glad to hear from you but so sorry such sad news.  Kalista, Ron's father, and your family are all in my thoughts and prayers.  I do so hope that a miracle could occur.

Love and hugs, Trudie

193609 tn?1292180293
by Cheyenne_08, Feb 09, 2010
Kalista is in my thoughts! She is a fighter!

748902 tn?1286034758
by elaine1961, Feb 10, 2010
Oh Ranae it is so good to hear from you we are all missing you so much, Im so sorry to hear about Kalista, and your other family problems, you are all in our thoughts and prayers

127124 tn?1326735435
by have 2 kids, Nov 11, 2010
Does anyone stay in touch with Ranaesheart?   I have often wondered how she is doing and about kalista.

1212800 tn?1329092989
by l0st_child, Nov 11, 2010
you and ur family will be in my thoughts and prayers, sorry for all the bad news

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