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I don't understand why?

Feb 10, 2010 - 3 comments

I have been quite upset lately with what is going on with Baby Gabriel. I watch Nancy Grace I try to every nite but some nights I'm too exhausted. I watched last nite and I could not stop crying. How awful what his mother texted his father and the fact his disappearance is now ruled a homicide and they are looking in a landfill for a diaper bag with his little body in it! I'm just so amazed that a mother can do that to her own child her baby her flesh in blood. Although all of this is alleged what she wrote in her text was horrific! And remember cayleigh anthony the little baby whose mother is in jail now for allegedly murdering her. The little girl was found in the woods she had tape over her mouth with a little heart on it! My heart just bleeds for these innocent little beings whose lives have been cut short by the one person in the world they are supposed to trust. These women have yet to be convicted so I don't feel at liberty to cast a final opinion on them but all the fingers point in there direction. I have read so many women's stories of tremendous grief on here voids that can't seem to be filled! Hearts that are just bleeding to either be pg again or to have their child that passed away back in their arms! I can't get beyond all the m/c's I myself suffered and the complicated pg I had w Jeremy and his illness that for now has quieted down. I can't help thinking of all of us women who have given our lives and hearts to our children and would give our lives up for the safety and love of our children. And yet these other women are accused of throwing away their children like garbage! Why? I understand post partum depression luckily it has skipped me everytime but I have read enough to know that their are support groups and dr's who specialize in dealing with women who suffer from post partum however Cayleigh was 3 so isn't that a time lapse to suffer from post partum. The little girl had grand parents and other people in her life that would have taken her in a minute and raised her! What about Gabriel his dad pleas for his safe return he wants his son home safe and in his arms! So many other children in this world have the same options as well and are not given the chance to live. Since when does anyone have the right to decide their fate? There is so much help out there this doesn't need to happen. I can't stop thinking we are these children's voices WE are their mothers and we are supposed to save them from tragedy and harm so why are these  mother's murdering their children? Is it a new trend or something. I hope in both of these cases it is proven they didn't but then what about the little girl Rebecca Riley whose mom murdered her with an anti depressant and the little baby died crawling to her parents bed! I just don't get it. And adoption yes so many families would adopt but it seems nearly impossible in america these days especially with the unemployment rates and then what about d s s? The system fails these children over and over and over again! Who is ever going to be their voice if their own mother's don't care? I just had to vent I'm horrified and saddened and it was upsetting to read on here that someone whom I was with my whole pg journey lost her little one and is grief stricken and these other women with these beautiful babies are just killing them and throwing them away like yesterday's news. I will never understand but I guess I may never it may not be my place to but my heart wishes it could understand! I love my kids and could never ever in a million years ever imagine my life without them! For me motherhood is my greatest gift I've been given!

Thanks for listening

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by Tasia32, Feb 10, 2010
This is my first time hearing about these specific cases, but I am right with you. It is just so sad and I could never see my life without my baby. Not going to say to much because I am already tearing up so yeah it is just horrible.

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by Blackmetalrose, Mar 02, 2010
All of these make me feel so sick and angry, I love Kaylee more than anything in the world...and would kill for her, and I know that sounds awful but it's true.

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by lizzy525, Mar 11, 2010
I too watch Nancy Grace, sometimes I wonder why, it breaks my heart!

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