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On the sick...:(

Feb 12, 2010 - 0 comments

hip pain


steroid injection




signed off

Well, what can I say?

Had a steroid injection in Dec last year, made the hip joint go cold, so I presume it worked...was limping for a few hours because of the needle.

Now been signed off for another 2 weeks only because I'm going away for my birthday and it wouldn't seem much point for me to be in for a few days and not really get enough rest and sleep - which I've lost over the past week.

Now I'm going in for a hip arthroscopy. Very, very nervous about it but I'm more worried about when I'm going back to work as I'm a very active person and I like to keep active. I just don't like spending all day in bed when I know I'm at an age where I shouldn't be.

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