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Bad Allergic Reaction from a single ALMOND

Feb 13, 2010 - 0 comments

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Thursday night I had a craving for something to munch on.
I found some chocolate almonds, and tried one, and within seconds my tongue started to swell.  I couldnt dry swallow, had to only with water.  I thought I was out of liquid allergy meds, so tried to swallow 2 allergy pills.  I could feel my throat getting tighter, and was soooooooooooo freaked out.  I tried to make myself throw-up, to get the almond out of my system, and ended up drinking a big glass of water, to help me with trying to bring up that almond.  Eventually I got the almond to come up, and then found some liquid allergy meds.
I sat at our kitchen table, in full panic mode, because of the swelling tongue, the sore mouth, the sore neck, the tightening of the throat.....
My daughter was freaking out (the poor kid) about calling an ambulance.  Me, being a stubborn Irish red-head, refused!!!  I just figured if it got worse, then okay, then call an ambulance.  I have never experienced a food allergy to this extent.  I just hate going to any emergency department in Edmonton, the wait time is unbelievable, and did not want to sit there for the next 12 hours.......
WIthin about 1/2 hour I felt okay, and could tell the allergy meds were working.  Thank God !!!!!  I was so scared !!!!

How can I ever quit being so darn stubborn!!!!
Now I am scared of eating any kind of nut!  I'm going to put that on my do not eat list....  
All these freakin diets restrictions are becoming so confusing and frustrate me so much.

I have to eat a diabetic diet (high protein/low carb),
a lactose free diet,
a nut free diet,
a shellfish free diet,
and most likely a gluten free diet.  
Then there are diet restrictions for thyroid (soy products) .
Got to try to figure out all these diets, and make me a Laurie diet!!!   HAHAHAHAHAHA

I'm slowly going so crazy.  Heck who am I trying to kid!  I am already crazy.

I'm frustrated,  I'm tired.  I'm going to bed.

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