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A Bit of relief

Jul 08, 2008 - 3 comments

So I am now going to a nero doctor. He sent me to physical therapy and the therapist said that my left sternomastoid muscle was the problem with my dizzness. I have been going once a wk. and I must say that even after the first visit my dizzness is so much better, also my head pressure and the pain is so much better, Except the next day after my therapy I always feel like i got hit by a truck.

I still carry my low grade fever seems like for 2 wks and then it goes away for 2 wks idk. My legs and hands have been bothering my they seem to go tingly all the time. Another symptom i have never mention to my docs is that my toes turn purple from time to time idk. Oh and the heat well humid heat bothers me. It makes my spasms and I call them litte tremors in my feet and arms worse.

Well I hope everyone is doing well and will keep posting my symptoms incase anyone else has the same thing and maybe finding out somethings will help someone out. Later.

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by extrmeski, Jul 19, 2008
You might want to ask your Doctor about Raynaud's Syndrome.  My sister has it and has many of the same symptoms.

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by sandee1818, Jul 19, 2008
Have you considered posting this on the forum? I think you will get more advice and support too:)
I am sorry your feeling so ill and I will do some research for you too and get back soon as I can!

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by wyndi, Jul 21, 2008
You just keep on keeping on :-) Practice that beautiful smile of yours too!. But you must tell your doctor about the purple toes!!!...Hugely importante'.....seriously so. My rheumatologist, asked me every visit.

OH, by the way, I had a really great massage last week, so much toxins were locked up inside..whew. It was really tough to get through, but it felt soo good. Then, that evening....or really during, my nose started running, then it got stoppped up! Next thing my hour was over....I was so dizzy and that has never happened before after a massage with her either!...You felt like a mac truck hit you and for the rest of the week I felt like I had the flu!!!!...

Can't wait till this week, another massage...and maybe the flu symtoms won't be quite so bad.
You know, sometimes I think  we see everything in our life in the light until one day  finally we are ready to go from the light to seek more answers into the darkness (the unknown), we are not as afraid....but as we go farther into  that place we may be standing on sturdy platform one minute and the next without...and that is when we learn how to fly.
God Bless

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