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Fibromyalgia - new disease?new symptoms?

Feb 13, 2010 - 0 comments

Its been almost three years ago that I posted on this website about my fibromyalgia symptoms after that.....On 5/10/2007, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia from my rheumatologist.  He started me on Lexapro 20mg and Lyrica 200mg.  I felt sooo good to get a diagnoses, a name for my craziness.  It was a ruff two years after that, always feeling sick but sometimes period cycle, the week before it started would cause a "flare up" I would call it.  Of all of my symptoms, pain, extreme immediate fatigue, nausea...thank god my husband would take over and let me sleep.  The Lyrica was a savior to my pain and insomnia.  A year ago, February 2009, I weaned myself off of the Lexapro....I didn't realize that I NEVER cried for two years, awful constipation and I could not for the life of me, lose weight... But slowly after I got off of Lexpro and was down to 150mg of Lyrica, I felt good! Barely any flare up's before my period.  I wanted to become active and do extracurricular activities, SOFTBALL and then VOLLEYBALL!!!  Exercise classes two times a week! It felt so good, to be the old me.  (I'm now 33, 6 1/2 yr and 3 yr old) What a fantastic summer!  I could see clear of things I kids, my husband, my finances, my clutter, cleaning, my personal appearance. :o)

My next journal entry will talk about some new symptoms I've been having....I haven't worked out in three months....

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