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Hyper thyroid....maybe...

Feb 13, 2010 - 0 comments

In December I had looked into Liver detox, to clear out whatever toxins I have from the medication I take and possible alcohol that I occassional par-take ;o).... Trying to take in more protein and water everyday, besides that I eat low amounts of bread, probably to much coffee, no pop....The liver detox is a book I found at the library, I was testing the affects of eating more pears, oranges, broccoli, garlic, olive oil, flax seed, plain potatoes or white flour products, no gluten....I had heard that no gluten was a good "cure" for riding yourself of fibromyalgia symptoms and to take less Lyrica possibly.  Started feeling good, more bowel movements (ahhh, yea) ha.  I never really followed this, i had flour/bread still everyday.

Then in January I was feeling lighter, sweating on the drive to work....sweating a lot at work, while sitting in a chair calling pt/parents...keeping my coffee to 2 to 3 cups through out the day.  I am literally applying deodorant 3/4 times a day, putting paper towels or napkins in my shirt.  Thinking geeeez, that hot coffee or when I get happy/laughter, I would just be soaked in my underarm of my shirt!!  Not stinky, just gross!  Change the paper towel....I am noticing my hands looked really dry at the knuckles and almost chaffed, but I wash them a lot, espcecially since flu season...Since last February 09, I would really feel my heart beat more, palpitations at night before going to bed...( I did go have an EKG done, but nothing showed, they gave me a referral to go have a more extensive heart exam but I never went)...I am normally always cold at home, wearing heavy hooded sweatshirts to bed the past three months....can't get warm anyway with the fibro, always doubling up on leggings during the winter.  The winter air just makes me freeze up, get anxiety in my chest and middle of my back....  My appetite for lunch/dinner was weaning to later in the day and less food...but at times, I would come home and just gorge myself with food....My weightloss! I was a good size 12, went down to a 10, bought a new pair of slacks, my other slacks and shirts aren't tight at all....SWEET!!!  A couple weeks ago my new 10's are falling high from my waist to falling to my hips, they look funny and not really professional size large shirts...I'm kinda swimming in them...kinda still sweet...but this isn't rapid weightloss is definitely workout, still lots of carbs and glass of wine every few, subs...normal eating for my size 12.....But I'm in my mom's 8/9 jeans....kinda cool, but not, if my body is sick!  

I've woken up from my son needing me or coming to our bed and I CAN NOT go to sleep again and I've been sweating in my sleep... I'm extra jumpy and nervous ~ almost going in slow fast forward, jittery and a little shakey...nauseas after I eat....I'm having b/m everyday, thats kinda cool....occasional tremor jump when I am in bed to sleep....

My period started two days ago and I've had a CONSTANT not stopping headache, I haven't taken anything for it directly, just my Lyrica twice a day...I put in the search on this website for weightloss and sweating and hyperthryroid came up.  And ALL of my maybe symptoms are in the Thyroid disease category.  Getting concerned that I have another health poor husband, don't know if he could take another health issue with me.....BUT, I am loaded with tests that I need to have blood drawn for when I get my physical on thursday, 2/18, to have my thyroid gland checked and I am seeing an Internist on 4/21 (why so far out, specialists are always busy and never seem to have NOW appts) and I see my rheumatologist on 4/6 for my yearly followup... I will post back when anything changes or after my pcp appt for my physical....I really didn't mean to right this much, hope it helps someone or someone can always help me! Take care.

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