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Not really Healthy

Feb 13, 2010 - 0 comments

I know, how is this a healthy, balanced meal? Well, didn't really grocery shop much yet for my new health diet. I have a weight watchers cookbook, and I planned a week of meals, but now I have to do the shopping. I went to the store today and spent 40 dollars on fruits and things to try out some new breakfast drinks.  I bought a book at work, 100 top juices.  Healthy drinks...helps with stress...weight...other things.  I have to try it. And let me tell you, blackberries are not cheap!  I used to have tons of blackberries free at my disposal, all my life. First, next door to my gramma's house were blackberry bushes...we loved it. Then, next to my aunt's house were blackberry bushes...and a friend of my mom's had tons of blackberry bushes.  They let us pick all we wanted....But to buy I had no idea. I'm thinking of adding a blackberry bush or two to my

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