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8 weeks 3 days

Feb 14, 2010 - 1 comments

cant believe these past few weeks have gone so fast yet soo much has happned..
been in hospital and had so many sscans its unbelievable.. gutted it shows the babys heart is very slow.. most properly due to the fact is was ectopic to start with :(
got another scan tomorrow where there are goiing to advise me on what to do..
just wish ex was more supportive, wont even *** to scan with me
x x

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by aimz19, Feb 15, 2010
its horrible to go through something like that without support.. went through something similar 18months ago with my ex.... had a scare and he cut himself off from me when it came back negative he wanted to be all close again.. i dont think so he had his chance... i got the support from my guy best mate who we now together and TTC.

hopefully everything will go ok with you...

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